Health benefits


The beauty of tea is that the health benefits are 100% natural. A calming tea will relax you and a refreshing tea will invigorate even when the mind is wandering elsewhere. Tea is also known to relive stress. In other words, great tea is a source of effortless health. We understand the health benefits of tea and has taken this knowledge into consideration when choosing our selection of teas. Tea is the antidote to our highly fuelled, disjointed caffeine culture. It promotes balance, relaxation and concentration – the rewards that we as individuals deserve. Like fine wine, many factors contribute to developing a great tea, including growing conditions, picking time and processing method, as well as rolling and firing. Fragrant teas are either scented or flavoured. Scenting is the most traditional method and involves artfully rolling tea leaves and flower petals for hours and days until the tea has absorbed the flower’s aroma. Flavouring is the addition of essential oils, flower petals or fruit to an already finished tea. Scented teas have a very pure and natural taste, while flavoured teas offer a distinctive mix of essential tea taste with added botanical notes.