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Zheijang’s mountainous countryside, dotted with lakes, is the breeding ground for many famous teas.

In the west towers the tea producing Mount Tianmu, whose name means ‘eyes looking heavenward’. The mountain is famous for its natural resources, waterfalls and streams. 

The highest peak of Mount Tiantai in Eastern Zheijang, is shrouded in clouds and mist year round, but strong winds and severe winter cold necessitate the building of windbreaks that allow tea to grow. 

Another famous tea-producing mountain in Zheijang include Mount Dawu, which is fed by the famous tidal bore of the wide nearby river, bringing moisture and a distinct flavour to the mountain’s tea gardens.

Emeyu Teas from the Zheijang region: Eight Butterflies 


Fujian Province is known for its tender white teas, fragrant oolongs and its superior jasmine and smoked teas. The Wuyi Mountains, noted for their ninety-nine grotesque cliffs and thirty-six peaks all covered by tea bushes, are renowned as the birthplace of oolong teas. The best jasmine flowers for scenting teas come from the Fuzhou region, where the scrub grows particularly well along the Min River, filling the evening air with fragrance.

Emeyu Teas from Fujian: Northern Grace


Yunnan is known for its characteristic spicy black and green teas and its exceptional pu-erh tradition. Tea has been produced for 1700 years in Yunnan Province. The exquisitely aged and fermented tea known as pu-erh is produced from the ancient Yunnan Dayeh (broad leaf), which has a long lifespan, early, strong buds and thick, soft leaves.

Emeyu teas from Yunnan: Empiric Sky