Types of tea



Pure, unprocessed and high in antioxidants, with a colour palate stretching from silvery white to dark green ochre, white teas offer a subtle and meditative tea experience. Naturally low in caffeine, with subtle flavour shadings, unequalled lightness, and a complex palate, pure white teas are an enticing sensation you may want to enjoy all day long.

Our signature range of fragrant whites is rich in antioxidants, low in caffeine, and bursting with flavour and personality. Built on the classic taste of Pai Mu Tan and developed in cooperation with some of the finest artisans in the field of traditional flavouring, our fragrant whites combine the finest essences and botanicals with the subtle earthiness of white Pai Mu Tan.

Emeyu White Teas: Northern Grace 



Pure green tea carries the wisdom of an incredible culture of intellect, passion and beauty. Depending on the region, growing altitude, processing and picking method, the tea might taste fresh, sweet, nutty, smoky, grassy, vegetal, earthy, intense, astringent, and pungent, or a combination of any and all of these flavours at once. The leaves are un-oxidized, resulting in delicate, soft teas, which are high in antioxidants.

Emeyu fragrant greens blend the bountiful world of traditional green tea flavour, with an enticing variety of natural scents and flavours to create an enchanting range of taste sensations. This remarkable variety is enhanced with natural botanicals to deliver a world of taste. Emeyu fragrant green teas are naturally high in antioxidants and full of vitality.

Emeyu Green Teas: Eight Butterflies



Black teas are known for their warming qualities and their ability to alert our senses and increase concentration. They offer extensive complexity in tasting profile depending on region and growing conditions. 

Emeyu fragrant black teas accentuate the warm, invigorating complexity of the black tea leaf, which varies depending on region and growing conditions, with a selection of natural botanicals to create a flavourful variety of infusions that alert our senses and stimulate concentration. Emeyu’s selection of black teas ranges from our light and fruity organic black tea, our aromatic organic earl grey, to our nutty, rich and smooth organic black breakfast tea.  

Emeyu Black Teas: Tiny Kingdom, Deep Woods, Nordic Reflection



As the oldest and most complex of teas, pu-erh has a distinct aura of mystique and luxury. Traditionally traded from the town of pu-erh in Yunnan Province along the Silk Road, as far back to 6BC, this tea is fermented and should be aged like fine wine. Time allows the flavour profile to fully develop and the tea’s signature earthy aroma and sweet, full-bodied bouquet to slowly emerge. Emeyu’s version of the pu-erh tea is a unique and vivid version containing organic pu-erh and green tea. The result is an enticing, naturally sweet taste.

Emeyu Pu-Erh Teas: Empiric Sky



Emeyu Fruit Teas: Midnight Sun



Emeyu Fruit Teas: Endless Summer