About Us


Emeyu is a high-end, quality tea company with a vision.


EME stems from the legendary Chinese mountain E Mei Shan; covered in mist and cloud, clear springs, pines and flowers, it is an inspiration of natural beauty and freshness that is home to over 20 Buddhist temples and famous for producing the most beautiful and fragrant tea.

YU comes from the name of the ‘tea saint’, Lu Yu; a Chinese orphan who perfected his tea skills under the guidance of Buddhist monks, wrote the first book on tea, became the Emperor’s favourite tea master and, after his death, a saint to whom tea farmers still pray. Lu Yu is a by-word for expertise, taste and luxury. His legendary book provides recommendations for seeking out the best water and recognising the finest leaves, and the quality of his service for the emperor remains unsurpassed.


Enjoy a moment that with a cup of a wonderful tasting organic tea

Kristiane, Marianne & Morten