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High-quality, organic and sustainable tea for your office, hotel, restaurant and shop.

Emeyu’s assortment of high quality, organic teas is tailored to meet the needs of discerning hotels, restaurants, shops and companies who value being able to provide a high quality and sustainable tea experience to their guests and employees.


We have three main product lines, both of which are based on sustainable packaging concepts that elevate taste and design.

Tea foils: Our tea foils, made of an oxo-biodegradable material, come in eight different varieties including white, green, black and herbal.  These are recommended for food service in hotels, restaurants, meetings and events. The foils are delivered in cases of 50 biodegradable tea bags.

Paper tubes: Our paper tubes, made of a recyclable paper and cardboard, come in eight different varieties including white, green, black and herbal.  These are recommended for retailers and smaller offices. Each tube contains 20 biodegradable tea bags.

Loose tea: Our tea are sold in 1 kg bags for retail, hotel, restaurant and offices.












Our glass container and wooden displays:

The wooden displays are made especially for our teas and are produced by Lars from Copenhagen. We have chosen this solution as we wishes a display of high quality, while we support locally. We have a 1-room wooden display for the exclusive table or hotel room, and a 6-rooms wooden display for restaurants, hotels, offices and arrangements. 

The glass container are made for being able to exhibit the loose tea. The lid is made with an airtight  rubberring, which secure the tea taste and aromas. The lid is made of Lars from Copenhagen. The labels will follow the glass container, so it is easy to differentiate the teas.



Marianne: +45 21201730;

Morten: +45 25267380;

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Eight Butterflies organic green tea loose tea
Glass container with airsafe wooden lid for loose tea
Sustainable Wooden display with 6 rooms for tea foils
Sustainable Tea Tubes with cotten teabags organic tea
Empiric Sky organic puerh chai tea in tea foil and in cotton teabag
Sustainable wooden display 1 rum for teabags

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