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Emeyu's tea


Emeyu's tea leafs

Loose leaf teas are specially selected from tea workshops with longstanding reputations for creating superior teas. The combination of raw product sourced from its traditional growing region and meticulous processing make Emeyu teas a delightful journey of discovery and taste.


Emeyu's herbal tea

Herbal teas are made from different part of plants like flowers, roots, seeds or bark. Our herbal teas are carefully selected and free from caffeine. They can be enjoyed both hot and cold.


Emeyu's rare tea

Our distinctive collection of the finest leaves has been carefully sourced from some of the world’s most respected tea gardens, which allow each tea to fully develop its unique flavour and aroma. 



Organic Green Orchid

Perfect Anytime

Organic Green Orchid is a sophisticated green tea blend with refreshing floral notes of rose mixed with strawberry, pear and quince. 


Organic Quince & Orange

Sweetly uplifting

Organic Quince and Orange is a lovely inspiring sweet and tangy organic black tea that captures your mind and brings instant focus. 


Organic Rooibos

Caffeine-free nutty indulgence

Organic Rooibos yields a clean, refreshing taste with naturally nutty tones and a hint of vanilla. Caffeine-free and easy to enjoy. 

Green, white and black teas


Organic Pai Mu Tan

Pure & Calming

Antioxidant-rich white tea Organic Pai Mu Tan has a pure refreshing flavour with notes of melon and vanilla, touched with chestnut and cut grass.


Eight Butterflies

Aromatic & Reviving

A soft inspirational green tea combining flavours of cranberries, rose petals and chrysanthemum with the classic green tea taste of sencha and genmaicha


Organic Earl Grey

Quintessential & Invigorating

This fantastic version of the classic mix achieves the optimal balance of aromatic Italian bergamot oil and rich black tea from fairtrade estates.


Organic Assam

Smooth & Energising

This tippy leaf delivers the classic full-bodied and invigorating Assam taste with malty caramel flavour and floral hints.

Herbal and rare teas


Summer mint

Zesty & Refreshing

Summer Mint is a very popular, fresh and zesty blend of lemongrass, lavender and peppermint. Distinguished taste, enjoyed both hot and cold.


Organic red fruits

A well composed symphony of taste

Organic Red Fruits offers award winning, refreshing notes of tangy hibiscus, zesty orange and tart apple with a floral rose bud finish. Completely free of caffeine.


Pu-erh chai

A rare digestive after dinner tea.

A mesmerising blend of aged pu-erh tea, antioxidant-rich green and jasmine teas and warming spices yielding a rich soft infusion with spicy undertones.


Iced tea

The refreshing taste of summer.

Based on Summer Mint, Organic Red Fruits or Organic Pai Mu Tan, our iced teas are perfect for hot summer days or when you a low sugar, stimulating refreshment

emeyu - Quality tea with a vision



The journey from tea field to infusion requires excellence at every step. The processing of the leaf is a critical step in developing the taste and aroma of the tea and determines what type of tea is created.

All the little steps that makes tea a luxury to be savoured and an experience to share. 



The beauty of tea is that the health benefits are 100% natural. A calming tea will relax and a refreshing tea will invigorate even when the mind is wandering elsewhere.

Our intricate knowledge of the health benefits of different types of teas and herbs have strongly influenced our selection.



Tea is the antidote to our highly fuelled, disjointed caffeine culture. It promotes balance, relaxation and concentration.

The name Emeyu encapsulates this essence of tea culture and its key elements - balance, beauty and expertise.