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Organic Ceremoniel Matcha 30 g


Ceremoniel Matcha from Japan

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Organic Ceremonial Matcha

Emeyu’s organic Ceremonial Matcha is of the highest quality and origins from a small family-run tea plantation in the town of Wazuka in the Uji area of Japan. To achieve the highest quality, the leaves are shaded four weeks before harvesting, which only takes place in the spring between March and May. The matcha is of the Okumidor cultivar, known for its fresh bright green color, creamy consistency, mild sweetness and umami flavor, completely without bitterness.


What is matcha?

Matcha means ‘green tea’ in Japanese and is powdered green tea leaves, where the whole leaf is consumed, unlike ‘tea’ as we know it, where the tea leaves steep in water until the tea is ready.


Is matcha healthy?

Matcha is considered a ‘superfood’ and is packed with antioxidants. By shading the bushes for 4 weeks before harvesting, it increases the concentration of L-theanine, which ‘softens’ the caffeine, promoting mental clarity and focus while also having a relaxing and calming effect on the body.


Organic and premium

Emeyu’s Marianne, who is educated as a ‘Master in Japanese Tea’ has traveled around Japan, and during the last 2 years, she has tasted a bunch of organic matcha and finally found the one she loves and that lives up to Emeyu’s quality and premium standards.

At Emeyu, we are proud to be organic in order to offer healthy tea without unhealthy pesticides and toxins, and especially since you consume the whole matcha leaf, we therefore recommend organic certified. Our Organic Ceremonial Matcha is JAS certified, which is the Japanese organic certification approved within the EU.


How to make Matcha latte?

You need your matcha bowl (chawan), bamboo whisk (chasen), measuring spoon (chashaku).

2 gr (2 scoops) matcha, 80 ml water,/70°-80°C, 2 dl milk/plant-based milk.

  1. First, pour a little hot water into the cup. Pour it out and dry the cup.
  2. Now pour the matcha into the cup and use your scoop to just break if any lumps. Then and add a little water (about 20 ml) and use the bamboo whisk to mix it together until there are no lumps.
  3. Pour in the rest of the water and start whisking. Make sure the whisk doesn’t touch the bottom of the cup, as it’s easier to damage the whisk. Whisk in ‘M’ and ‘W’ shapes. After about 25-30 seconds, the drink will become creamy and ready to drink with a fine foam on the surface.
  4. If you want to make a matcha latte, heat and froth the milk and then pour it into the matcha.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there caffeine in matcha? Yes, there is caffeine in matcha, as it is powdered green tea leaves. Green tea contain caffein but not in the same amount as coffee.

Where does Emeyu’s matcha come from? Emeyu’s premium organic ceremonial matcha comes from a small family-run tea plantation in the town of Wazuka in the Uji region of Japan.

If you want to read more about the Japanese tea ceremony and the types of matcha’s, you can read here.

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