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Matcha chasen holder

Emeyu’s chaser or whisk holder in light grey/white ceramic

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Emeyu’s chasen or whisk holder is made of ceramic and is in a beautiful and soft light gray color that is almost white. Together with Emeyu’s handmade ceramic chawan/matcha bowl it is a beautiful set in the kitchen but also really nice when make your own matcha and ritual. The chasen or matcha whisk holder has three similar yet different names (Chasen Tate, Chasen Yasume and Chasen Kuse Naosh), which is why we call it the chasen holder.


What is a Chasen or whisk holder useful for?

When the chasen has been used to make matcha, its ‘arms’ are wet. The ‘arms’ are then soft but needs a holder to dry on to keep the ‘arms’ shape for next time. Using the chasen holder will help the chasen retain the curved shape at the ends of the ‘arms’ and is also a good way to store the chasen when not in use. When the ‘arms’ are dry, they are stiff and easy to break, which is why it is preferable to keep the chase on the holder. The Chasen holder is easy to wash under warm running water when needed.

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