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WE strive to
do better

Organic sustainable UN Goals natural products tea

Emeyu is an organic and high-quality tea wrapped in equally high-quality and sustainable packaging.

Everything we do depends on conscious decisions that are respectful of the nature around us.

Emeyu is a natural product, and we carefully hand-pick the best teas from around the world which meet our requirements and high standards.

We create great organic teas with refined balanced flavours.

Our intricate knowledge of different types of herbs and teas, their quality and health benefits has strongly influenced our selection. Each of our teas is the result of rigorous testing, trial and error and offer our signature refreshing, natural and delicious taste.

Inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle, Emeyu promotes moments of balance, relaxation and concentration.

Imagine the power of a small moment


Our tea bags. 
Pure cotton and 100% biodegradable. 

FREE from microplastic and GMO. 

Our tea cases.
Cradle to Cradle Certified paper. 

Our tea canisters.
FSC-certified recyclable paper and cardboard. 


Tea is a natural product and fully biodegradable, so the packaging should be too.

If it is not biodegradable it should at least be recyclable to the highest possible level. 

Our packaging should protect the tea and ensure the highest quality and taste.

All our teas are tested in laboratories in Germany, to meet the requirements for organic teas. 

Organic Eu organic tea
Nordic Reflection organic black tea quince and orange loose tea
UN Global goals for sustainable development tea
The global Goals for sustainable development SDG 5 Goal Gender Equality

SDG 5:

Gender Equality

Our biodegradable cotton tea bags are handsewn by women in a factory in Marrakesh, Morocco.

We have selected this material not just for its environmental impact but also because we believe in and support the vision and philosophy of our Moroccan partner who is committed to aiding its community. The company employs mostly women in management positions and supports its largely female workforce with medical insurance and education.

THE UN’s SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production

SDG 12:

Responsible consumption and production

Emeyu keep setting key criteria for production and sourcing. Quite simply these cover our commitment to organic produce, to recyclable materials and to function.

As many other businesses we recognise that this is a journey of constant improvement and we are proud of the results that we have received today. Our retail packaging is made of natural resources: responsibly sourced FSC-paper, biodegradable cotton without GMO or microplastic, and Cradle to Cradle certified materials that guarantees full sustainability and 100% biodegradability. Cradle to Cradle is FREE from ALL harmful chemicals and heavy metals. Our displays are locally produced and made of durable FSC-certificed oak.


SDG 15:

Life on land   

The ambition is to create an impact not only on the individual but also on the environment through the use and knowledge of sustainable packaging materials. 

Our deep passion for organic high-quality tea and a great respect for the nature and the environment around us, are the driving forces behind Emeyu. Our ambition has always been to give tea-drinkers a unique taste experience, a certainty for high quality tea, and at the same time making sure that the teas have been produced as sustainable as possible.

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