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Tea ceremony


Take 5 minutes to create a calm and conscious moment, a small moment to reflect, to be present and aware. Whether alone or in the company of loved ones, it will certainly do you good. 

Our ritual is sustainable, sensory and pure. A wooden stick prevents the tea tag from slipping into the steaming hot tea. And when our organic tea has released all its aromas, minerals and antioxidants into the hot water, it is easy to remove the tea bag and enjoy the gorgeous aroma and taste.

The natural health benefits of tea are wonderful extras. Tea is generous in so many ways.  Its effect depends on the type and blend. Nourishing green tea keeps you in balance and focused, black tea has a high content of caffeine and gives you energy, white tea relaxes you, while herbal teas have a variety of beneficial health effects depending on the type. 

Fri fragt i Danmark ved køb over DKK 350,- svarende til 3 te-rør. Dismiss