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A Valentine’s Day guide to tea and chocolate pairing

February 6, 2024
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A Valentine’s Day guide to tea and chocolate pairing

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we wanted to combine the sweet tradition of gifting chocolate with the pairing of tea for a nuanced tasting experience.

Here is our tea and chocolate pairing guide for quality-focused tea lovers:

Dark Chocolate and tea pairing:

  • The powerful and rich notes of dark chocolate present a unique pairing challenge. Selecting a tea that is too astringent may lead to overwhelming bitterness, while delicate teas may be overshadowed.
  • Find the happy medium by choosing moderately bold teas, such as those with fruity, smoky, ginger, nutty, spicy, or mint flavors. Consider teas like black teas, offering a nuanced balance for a perfect dark chocolate pairing.

Milk Chocolate and tea pairing:

  • Ranging from 10% to 55% cacao, milk chocolate boasts a sweet, smooth taste and a melt-in-your-mouth texture, thanks to its unique ingredient list.
  • The creamy consistency of milk chocolate makes it a versatile partner, balancing the boldness of strong black teas and complementing teas with warming spices, like chai.

White Chocolate and tea pairing:

  • With its sweet and creamy profile, white chocolate stands strong against robust, bitter, and vegetal teas, making it a delightful partner for matcha.
  • Explore the beautiful marriage of white chocolate with nutty and floral teas, creating a symphony of flavors that is both indulgent and sophisticated.

Emeyu’s tea and chocolate pairings:

  • Deep Woods – Organic Black Breakfast Tea from Assam + Dark Chocolate
  • Nordic reflections Organic Black Tea with quince and orange + Dark Chocolate
  • Tiny Kingdom – Organic Black Earl Grey Tea with bergamot + Dark Chocolate
  • Empiric Sky – Organic Chai Tea + Milk Chocolate
  • Eight Butterflies – Organic Green Tea + Milk Chocolate
  • Darjeeling ‘Second Flush’ Organic Black Tea + Milk Chocolate
  • Eight Butterflies Organic Green Tea + White Chocolate
  • Organic Matcha Tea + White Chocolate

Visit our webshop and find the perfect tea to elevate your Valentine’s Day celebration. ❤️


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