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Climate change is affecting organic rooibos

August 17, 2023
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Organic Rooibos Herbal Tea from South Africa; Smooth and rich; 800 g loose tea
Due to climate change, the organic rooibos bushes have difficult conditions to survive. The plants grow in nutrient-poor soil and in extreme weather, which is why they only can grow in a remote place like far inland of South Africa. Here are small farmers who try to make a living by selling the plucked leaves of the rooibos bushes. With climate change, the changing rainfall patterns change, and the summers become hotter and with fires and the winters having droughts, which changes the growing and living conditions of the rooibos bushes. This bring more insects and mites that destroy leaves and bushes, and which especially organic farmers have a problem with.

The farmers are trying to find ways to combat the situation by growing tall trees between the bushes to shade them from the scorching sun, and now they are changing the bushes every seven years. The first year the rooibos bush is allowed to grow, the following five to six years the plants are harvested and then replaced with oats, which are harvested for a year before planting again. This is done to keep destructive insects and mites down.

The leaves are mostly hand-picked in order to simultaneously control the bushes for pests and diseases. The branches are cut off at the base, to be processed later and it all takes place in full sun! These small farmers live so remote that there are no roads to all the farms, so they walk and carry heavy branches and leaves long distances to gather the harvest into piles where it can be picked up by a car to be taken for processing .

That’s why Emeyu buys from these small communities in a really remote location in South Africa.

The quality and taste are the highest in the world with its natural sweetness, light earthy and soft nutty flavors, completely without caffeine.

Rooibos is also called ‘red tea’ and ‘red bush tea’ because it has the most amazing copper red color both as a dried leaf and also when brewed.

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