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Chawan tea bowl

Chawan a Japanese tea bowl for matcha

Handmade in Denmark

300,00 kr. Incl. VAT


A Chawan is a Japanese invented ceramic bowl made for making and drinking matcha tea from. Emeyu’s chawan is handmade in Denmark by ceramicist, Tasja, for making it easier for you to make a healthy cup matcha and to make your own moment even more precious.


What is a chawan?

A chawan is a bowl that is used when making and drinking matcha. It is made of ceramic and can have different forms and sizes.


How is chawan used in tea ceremonies?

In Japanese tea ceremonies the chawan bowl is where the matcha is made with the chasen/whisk. The drinkeable matcha is handed to the guest for taking a sips or for taking more sips until the matcha has finished. In some tea ceremonies all guest drink from the same chawan and in other tea ceremonies the chawan is given on to the other guest, so all guest drink from the same chawan, but after corona this has been changed, so every guest get their own bowl.


Can the chawan go into the dishwasher?

Emeyu’s handmade chawan/ceramic bowl can go into the dishwasher but preferably hand washed.

The size and look of the bowl can differentiate a little as it is handmade. Height 7 cm x diameter 11,5 cm and can take approximately 400 ml.



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