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Chasen a bamboo whisk for matcha

Chasen bamboo whisk for matcha

100 prolongs for premium matcha

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‘Chasen’ a bamboo whisk for matcha

Made from 100 prolongs for premium matcha


What is a chasen?

A ‘chasen’ is a tool used for mixing and whisking matcha powder into a creamy tea. It’s made from one piece of bamboo and in Japan it’s possible for an experienced chasen maker to make maximum 6-7 chasen per day.


How to use a chasen?

Emeyu’s premium Chasen has 100 fine prolongs which is made for making an especially fine foam in the matcha tea. This is done by whisking in the matcha in ‘M’ and ‘W’ movements for approximately for 15-30 seconds. (if you need to know how to make matcha watch here)


How do you keep your chasen for longer?

To keep the chasen for longer time we suggest to let 2 cm of the prolongs, the part your use for whisking, soak in water before making the matcha. This makes the prolongs soft and ready to whisk. When the prolongs are dried they are stiff can easier brake.

After use let the chasen dry on the ‘chasen holder’ also called ‘Magenaoshi’. This will keep the shape of the whisks prolongs, it will lead the water away from the holder and let the air be able to dry it.




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