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Organic Matcha Box

This ‘Matcha Box’ contain all that are needed as a

‘Starter Set’ or ‘Gift Box’ for matcha

699,00 kr. Incl. VAT


Emeyu’s Matcha Box’ can be used either as a ‘Starter Set’ or ‘Gift Box’ that provides all that is needed for starting your own ritual into making a healthy matcha tea or matcha latte. It is made with knowledge from the traditions of Japanese tea ceremonies and how to make matcha. It’s a beautiful set of handmade tools.


What’s in the ‘Matcha Box’?

  1. 30 g organic Premium Ceremoniel Matcha.
  2. A beautiful white ceramic handmade Chawan/Matcha bowl, which is the bowl the matcha is made in and enjoyed from.
  3.  A Chashaku/Scoop made from bamboo and is used as a measuring tool for the powdered matcha.
  4. A premium Chasen/Whisk with 100 prolongs, which is the whisk that makes the matcha powder into a creamy and enjoyable matcha tea or latte.
  5. A beautiful white grayish ceramic Chasen yasume/Chasen-Whisk holder, that match the beautiful handmade bowl.

It all is packed in a beautiful white box, easy to use as a ‘Gift Box’.


Organic and premium

Emeyu’s Marianne, who is educated as a ‘Master in Japanese Tea’ and has traveled around Japan, has collected this ‘Matcha Box’ to provide the most optimal solution to start making your own ritual with Ceremoniel Matcha or to be able to give a nice and thoughtful gift. During the last 2 years, she has tasted a bunch of organic matcha and finally found the one she loves and that lives up to Emeyu’s quality and premium standards.

At Emeyu, we are proud to be organic in order to offer healthy tea without unhealthy pesticides and toxins, and especially since you consume the whole matcha leaf, we therefore recommend organic certified. Our Organic Ceremonial Matcha is JAS certified, which is the Japanese organic certification approved within the EU.

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